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Venedict Erofeev’s MOSCOW-PETUSHKI, aka “Moscow to the End of the Line,” is a novella completed in 1970 that became a classic long before it was finally published in the Soviet Union in 1989.

Venichka, the unlucky hero of the poem who appreciates his vodka, only wants to reach the end of the line on the Moscow-Petushki commuter train, but can’t do it. Ultimately, he finds himself back in Moscow where he began. During this trip he regales tales about his past life and his present hopes with grim humor. His listeners are a host of friends, idiot-savants, just plain idiots, and co-drinkers who are always willing to discuss the nature of the universe, the secrets of life and the power of love — as long as vodka is part of the conversation. It seems that everyone around is drunk — except Venichka. Is it because he is too lonely to be drunk?

This Theatre Arts Studio production features Alexey Vertkov as Venichka, the winner of the Golden Mask National Theatre Award for Best Actor.

Presented in Russian with English subtitles.

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