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To celebrate the Arena di Verona’s 100 years and Verdi’s 200 anniversaries, AIDA, Verdi’s masterpiece, from the Arena di Verona, will be released in cinema in 3D. “There isn’t a place more AIDA than the Arena di Verona,” announces director Gianfranco de Bosio. The Arena di Verona “is a magical space” where “we create a unique alchemy”, says maestro Daniel Oren, “AIDA was born for the Arena di Verona.” The Arena di Verona is the biggest outside lyrical theater in the world. This production, with a world- renowned cast, will revive the same staging as the historical production from 1913 that inaugurated the first lyrical season in the Arena di Verona. In 3D, it will give emotions as if sitting for real in the Arena. “Even if AIDA in the Arena di Verona is a classic, we shouldn’t think it’s all Triumph. There are also intimate parts. In the beginning, Verdi warns us, he indicates the road and starts with a pianissimo to tell us that the important thing is the relationship between the characters,” explains Daniel Oren.